She is full of surprises

This friend of mine, she is full of surprises! Her name is Chelly. By the way, it is her birthday today. Happy Birthday, my dear friend! I am caught between happy and sad though because she is in a far away place having a grand time with her other friends in that other part of the world. It is okay, though. We keep in touch and soon she will be back. :)

So, what is the surprise again? A brand new car, complete with custom floor mats! Well, that has always been her fetish, cars! I can still remember her first car which is already five years old, still looks brand new upto the last time that I have seen it, about a year ago.

Anyways, happy natal day again, dear friend and enjoy your new vehicle!

Single no more

Good news! One of my dearest friends is finally tying the knot! Well, he is the oldest in our group yet he is the one who is still single up to now. Well not for long until June. I must get the best groom gifts from RedEnvelope. He only deserves the best from all of us on his special day. This person is like a brother to me. I surely will miss him once he has his own family. But, as they say, it is just like adding another person in your life. His future wife is a nice lady also and I think we can also be friends in the long run. I am really excited for my friend. I must go and grab gifts for him now!

Missing a friend

I am chatting with my friend, right now! Oh, how I miss her. This buddy of mine is a very good Mom that she is working overseas right now for the future of her family, especially her only daughter. I really admire her. She is a real beauty inside and out. She is very industrious and patient and loving. Her partner is very lucky to have her too.

Take care there, my dearest friend! I miss you a lot!

Happy faces

Patrick is a hunter and he invests in tactical rifle scopes. I just read in his page that he is excited to go hunting with his College buddies this weekend. Oh, I really envy them! How I wish I could join them but they are in the other part of the world. Yes, it is summer there and it is rainy season here. Anyways, I just have to content myself looking at their pictures of happy faces.

My Circle of Friends

I would like to develop a circle of friends or belong to a circle maybe. Well, a sort of a book club maybe. I would like us to be friends for life and really hang out regularly or have quality time for each other. Yes, we have our family, then we have our work but friends are important too. Right now, I have College friends who I see at least once a year at the very least. But then, that’s it. Maybe because of our busy lives. At work, I found two or three good friends but then again, all have their own friends too. These ladies are really great and I know that they can be my friends forever too. However, I need a sort of a ladies’ night out or a break from all of the pressures of the society! When I am with these group of people, I can just have a good time or maybe do some silly things like lots of gossiping and of course, talk about topics that we cannot tell anyone but ourselves. So, should I say here, WANTED: FRIENDS!

Happy trip

I was browsing through my pictures and I saw this one with my friends. It was taken during one of our out of town trips. That was one of the happiest trips that I had because we were complete. We were able to do all the things that we want to do. We sang, we danced, we played games. We even did a video complete with set up by the pool and we used decorations. We got those garden flags and each of us held one. That was really fun! Now, I have to call my friend who kept that video. I think it has not been uploaded to youtube yet or even FB because it was long time ago. Now, you know how long that was.

Customized mugs

My friend gave customized coffee mugs three Christmases ago. I really appreciate such gesture. Now that reminds me to clean up my locker. I left the mug there. Actually, most of the gifts I received, I put in my locker first. Out of being busy, I forgot to bring those cute items home. I am allotting one of my vacation leaves to go back to my old office and clean my desk there.

It is Christmas time once again and I wonder if somebody will give another customized coffee mug.  :)