New Beginnings

Each day is a new beginning.
We might think sometimes that everything seems usual or you do an ordinary routine but if you do contemplate, each day is different from the other. You might be able to meet new people. You might be able to try new restaurant. You think of different things. You might meet new friends. You might have a new job.

Today, I am quite sad…a friend of mine has tendered her resignation and she will really leave the company already/. We have been teammates for two years and we are really close now. Anyways, she wanted to try a new beginning. I hope that she will get her fulfillment and the happiness she is looking for.

My friend is expecting

My friend is expecting! It took her nine weeks before she finally announced it in Facebook! Well, I think hat it is wise thinking. Maybe she wanted to make sure first before finally telling it to everyone! Everybody is excited because her firstborn is already a teenager. I could still remember those days when we were busy planning for the first birthday celebration of her daughter. I was in charged of the birthday invitations. I happened to be one of the godmothers! I hope that this time, I can still take part in the events to come for the new baby! I hope that it will be a boy this time!

Congratulations again, my friend!