All kinds of gadgets for hubby

Finally, my husband was able to shop irig. Yes, he got one already! At first, he tried creating his own irig but then again, he was able to prove that nothing beats the original. Well, that is my husband, he tries recreating things as he can really do it as he is somewhat technically equipped. Well, he also likes to buy all kinds of gadgets!

To listen to good music, get good headphones

I had to review my blog to check if I have given my husband a gift! Oh, am I that old to be too forgetful already? Sometimes, I really have a memory of the fish, you know! I really could not remember things, already!

So, I have not given my husband an anniversary present. I know what to give him already, you know. Well, I just have to find out how I can get these studio headphones. You know why? My husband loves headphones, earphones, speakers, anything that will give him good audio! As a matter of fact, when we were out yesterday, we stopped at more than ten stores selling audio equipments and gadgets! Imagine that!

Music is good for the soul, indeed. According to my husband, make sure to have good headphones too!

New lappy

I have a new laptop! Have I wrirtten about it? I have been waiting for it for almost two years! Well, never mind the history behind it. What is imoirtant is I got it already! So far, I like this. It is an Acer Travelmate. They say that it has the specs of MAC. I do not mind at all!

I forgot what I want

I just read from a friend’s blog that she is thinking a gift for her birthday this August. Something valuable like a nice gadget. Iphone or Ipad or Kindle Fire? That gave me a lot to think about. Well, I have not really given something big for myself. Yes, something as much as 30K or more. :) But, I do buy a lot of things from time to time like cheap flats or affordable blouses. Hmmm… so what do I want? That is one of my problems, I forgot what I really want already.

Do more in four hours

I have been wanting to buy playbook for the longest time. Is it now the time? Well, being a certified commuter for almost four hours a day, I really need to make use of that very long time. It is really long, right? You can do much in four hours. I can browse the net. I can get in touch with friends and relatives. I can write. I can even actually start my job while commuting.


I am currently reading camcorder reviews. My husband wanted to buy one. He said that we need it especially that our son is growing up. He wants to document school activities and family gatherings using a video camera. I must agree with him since I also love to capture moments. Happy memories that are worth looking back to in the future. Right now, what we are using is my mobile phone. Yes, my ever versatile phone cum camera and camcorder also. We are currently considering a digital camcorder. It is actually incorporated to one of our favorite gadgets. Well, that is for us to decide come Christmas time. For now, we have to settle with our mini video camera which has been really useful. Though last March my husband almost bought me a cute camcorder in time for my son’s graduation day and at the same time a birthday gift for me. But, that’s us, fickle and indecisive. Let our impulsive buying mode act up and surely we will be able to grab one camcorder real soon!