For a Great Dad

We went to the mall yesterday. Well, it was Father’s Day! We went there not to celebrate, though. We had our usual trip to the Supermarket inside the mall. The not so usual thing that we did is to just eat tuna salad sandwich for lunch. Yum! I also had a slice of Pizza! Cheat weekends! Anyways, I somehow felt guilty not being able to give my husband, who is a very good Dad, any gift. Maybe I could let him check out the bass guitars at Well, that would not be a maybe. I am sure that he would really be able to pick one since I am already offering.

He would be happy with the gift

I am really happy to find gold cross here. I am looking for a perfect gift for my husband’s 54th birthday. It will be on January 25. I know that there are other things that he would like to also receive but I am sure that he would be happy with this gift.

Am I getting religious these days? Well, maybe because of the recent Papal visit here in our country. I could say that I have been trying to rekindle my relationship with God every time that I feel that I seem to be turning away.