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Sep 15

She is full of surprises

This friend of mine, she is full of surprises! Her name is Chelly. By the way, it is her birthday today. Happy Birthday, my dear friend! I am caught between happy and sad though because she is in a far away place having a grand time with her other friends in that other part of …

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Jun 02

Versatile backpacks

Letting go the girly in me? I am choosing between a backpack and this tote bag that my friend who sells online just posted. Well, a new bag will be my gift to myself this Christmas! Oh, yeah, shoes and clothes too! 😉 Anyways, a backpack would really be very useful as I have my …

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Nov 02

Like my kid

There is a girl in the office that I really like. She is kind to all and she is pretty too. I am thinking of giving her a north face pullover. Well, I was not able to give her anything this Christmas. She deserves something special. 🙂 I see her as my kid since our …

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Sep 11

Crunchy Apple

Crunchy apple, that’s my breakfast. I needed to eat that because my husband bought it for me three days ago. Crunchy, crunchy indeed! In time for the unveiling of the new Apple mobile phones! Crunchy deals! I am tempted to get those colorful I-phoneCs! How about you? My husband is singing for Iphone 5s. Well, …

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Oct 01

It must come from your man

Yes, my love for engagement rings and my wanting to own one is still here. Oh, diamonds are really a girl’s bestfriend, right? Just this morning, I was tempted to buy a solitaire ring. However, I just controlled myself and thought of someone giving it to me. That is supposed to be the case, right? …

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Jun 12

Embedded love and care

Please click here for the most amazing gifts! I actually want to buy one for myself. Who would have not love strawberries and chocolates and bears? Even my son would love it! My husband does too! Well, everybody loves nice things for that matter. The art of gift giving is one of the best art …

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Apr 24

Single no more

Good news! One of my dearest friends is finally tying the knot! Well, he is the oldest in our group yet he is the one who is still single up to now. Well not for long until June. I must get the best groom gifts from RedEnvelope. He only deserves the best from all of …

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Dec 23

Natural beauty

My friend loves cats. She loves make-up too. She also has a collection of artificial eyelashes. One box! We went to the mall today and she fought herself going near the beauty products section. Oh, my, dear beautiful friend! She is really beautiful already even without those make up and lipstick and eyelashes but of …

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Dec 14

Perfect for Moms

When you cannot buy in whole, buy in half! You can even buy in portions! This is very applicable for Moms like me. Well, I still cannot get away from shopping! All of us are in this mood especially that it is gift giving season, right? I am just happy to have found al capone …

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Nov 07

Mommy Santa

Oh, my friend, Mia is almost done with her christmas gifts for kids! I totally envy her! I wish I have the time. Let me list down first all the kids that have been good all throughout the year. Yes, I am Mommy Santa and they better be good or they do not get their …

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