Thinking of ways to save more money

Yes, I am thinking of ways to save more money right now. Well, what are my first steps? Here, at home, of course!
1. List down all expenses and how much- of course there should be a baseline or starting point. I plan to start tomorrow. :)
2. Make an inventory of existing supplies:
A. Toiletries
B. Canned goods
C. Rice
D. Meat
E. Condiments
…and other things…
From here, I think I can already save some Pesos if only I can also strategize on using them or what brand should I buy.
3. Of course, my favorite thing to do is to look for promo offers! Example: Shampoo plus free bottle of conditioner- though I think that is not totally free but offered at a lower price only. That is why some promos just put “save as much as a particular amount” rather than saying that it is a free offer.

For now, these are the things that I can think of.
I shall go back here for some update on the progress and maybe record here my inventory of our existing supplies. :)

I love storage

I am watching a house renovation TV show. Well, one of the features that they want to sell right now:heavy duty drawer slides from ovis maybe? I love shows like these as it gives me design ideas. It is like free education in an interior design school.

I love storage in the form of boxes, plastic containers and cabinets and drawers. I love wood as well. When you go to my house, you can tell that I invest in good quality materials like that from ovis.

Busy day

It has been a real busy day. Well, because the past weekends had been the lazy ones including yesterday. Anyways, I woke up before 6AM to start the task I wanted to do three weekends ago. I washed the clothes and fix the closet. It’s been full of clutter in the bedroom too, though I have been sleeping here for the past seven days. Anyways, I finished the two household chores before 11AM. Yeah, around five hours? Come to think of it, working around the house would really take most of your time, huh! Anyways, after that, I took some rest and a nap was needed. I woke up around 1145 and I was all alone. I saw that the motorcycle was not at its parking space and my two boys were not anywhere inside the house too. But, they did not use their helmets. Oh, it means that they are just nearby. If they go far, they might be caught by the police patrol for not wearing helmets.

Anyways, it is already past noon. You might be thinking or might ask, what about lunch? Yeah, another thing that I must prepare…

Mini construction

I am sure that if Hubby would see the leveling feet online, he would buy it. Well, addition to his collection of tools and of course, for his own construction needs. As a matter of fact, I am going to tell him about it because I saw a very affordable one compared to what he was trying to acquire last time. He would surely be happy with this news.

Food crumbs

Oh, I really need a pc cleanup. Ah, rather, my laptop is actually the one to be cleaned up. If you talk to my son, he would say that it is not a PC. Anyways, the keypads need cleaning as some of the letters are not working anymore. Oh, yes, I only have me to blame. No, I am not eating when I am typing as can be seen on the food crumbs whenever I turn the laptop upside down.

The right way to do it

My son and I need memory foam toppers. Sleep is very important to us as it is the only activity that is truly beneficial to our body in terms of cell recuperation. Okay, we love sleeping, period. :) Anyhow, good thing that memory beds are to tell you the contour of your body when you sleep. Have you noticed that sometimes, you still feel tired or even more tired after sleeping? Yes, just like any activity also, there is also a right way to do it.

Thank you Honey

We got a new gadget! It is an android TV. Well, it is not yet strategically placed in the room thus my mission for tomorrow: premier mounts at standsandmounts. Yes, I want it to be flat on the wall. I am excited as I can play my favorite games in a big, big screen! Superb buy by my Hubby! Thank you, Honey! Well, I was sort of contradicting him in buying that TV before. 😉