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Aug 29

To listen to good music, get good headphones

I had to review my blog to check if I have given my husband a gift! Oh, am I that old to be too forgetful already? Sometimes, I really have a memory of the fish, you know! I really could not remember things, already! So, I have not given my husband an anniversary present. I …

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Apr 15

More muscle mass

My husband is getting skinny. I really do not know if it is because he does not eat much? Well, he has a big appetite. He is a hearty eater! He can finish a sack of rice in one sitting! Kidding aside, maybe I should get him the best testosterone boosters in town. I really …

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Jan 26

Hubby at 50

Finally, the 50th birthday of my husband is over. What did we do yesterday? Not what I planned. I did wake up early and prepared his breakfast. Come lunch time we went to our son’s school then to our favorite fast food restaurant. He went ahead to the mall as I had to fetch my …

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Dec 26

Your game is out of sync

I love playing Mall world. It takes my time nowadays. It relaxes me. Yes, I am addicted to FB games again, you may say. Anyways, I always see the prompt, Your game is out of sync… please refresh whenever I am already playing for so many hours… Do you sometimes feel that your life is …

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Sep 15

Third day and did not survive

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I will be doing the three day diet but the modified one. I am on the third day and it so happened that it is my rest day today meaning I do not have any work. I thought that the hardest day of the program will be …

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Sep 01

I gained six pounds!

I gained six pounds! That is not good news at all. Today is September 1, so what are my plans? I really do not know. Yesterday, I was kind of controlling my eating urges. I did not take breakfast. For lunch, I had one cup of rice and settled for chicken instead of my favorite …

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Aug 27

Husband cleaning the house

I am quite guilty the past two days already. Well, my husband is doing all the general cleaning on his own. I was really surprised yesterday to actually see a dining area inside our home! Well, you know, the dining table free from all the clutter. I saw a big black plastic bag at the …

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Jul 20

Husband forgot his mobile phone

I hate it when husband is out of touch. I could still remember when he was still working abroad and I could not get in touch with him because he forgot to bring his mobile phone, it gave me some worries to death! Today, he went out and the place he is going to is …

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