Security funds

As much as I do not want to think about it, I know that everyone will come to death. Morbid as it seems but it is the cycle of life and death. To complete, there must be an end. It frightens me because my child is still very young. You know, who will take care of him when I am gone? It is not that I do not trust those people around us like our relatives and friends but there is also another factor for us to live, the financial part. Yes, money does matters, you all agree? Well, I am thinking of getting a security fund as I believe that savings like that might help even if I go in time or not accidentally. I always want my son to have a good life if not the best one.

Danger of losing a body part

Just when we thought that everything is alright, my sister complained of foot pain. She had an accident before that made her almost lost his left foot. That was really devastating/. She was not able to go to the office for six months. Most of all, that thought of the danger of not being able to walk on both feet anymore. You might be wondering if she got any disability insurance? I am asking also. Her employer might be kind enough to pay for all her bills in the hospital and pay her salary while she was trying to recuperate but I personally think that she should have filed a disability claim.


I commute and sometimes, I ride private vehicles that are into car pooling of sort. You know, vans, RVs and the like. I plan to do that in the future too once I have my own car. :) Why not? It is quite noble though I have to ask the passengers for some payment. Before doing that, I shall make sure that I have rv insurance. Well, for one, it is necessary and I think an insurance is a requirement once you have your own car. I believe that it is all beneficial.

She is expensive

I have yet to talk to my friend if she has chosen a provider already from Well, her vehicle has been at their garage for quite some time now because she could not use it. She encountered a couple of accidents last year and because of that no insurance company would like to accept her application. Well, she must be expensive that is why.

Make me feel secured

I plan to ask my friend about some life insurance information. Life is uncertain and to be prepared is always on my mind. I actually am very worried about some things and I know that all of this will be gone once I feel secured already. Getting an insurance could help. I know someone who has benefited from it already thus there is proof that it works. Many celebrities are also endorsing insurance nowadays also. How about you? Do you have one?