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Feb 02

Think before you write

I am thinking if I should write this. Well, in FB or instagram or in Twitter, it is encouraged to Think before you Click. How about in Blogging? Think before you write? Writing has always been my stress reliever. When I did not have computer yet nor internet connection, I had this notebook where I …

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Sep 12

Teacher niece

I am so proud if my niece! She is going to be a teacher someday! She is currently doing her internship and she is enjoying it. Now, I must buy this tascam dr-44wl for her. Well, she can record her year of internship as a memory. She is into music too. I think it is …

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Apr 24

Learn, read and write

Being new at the job and in the field of Business Analysis, I am constantly trying to know more about it. I found ITIL v3 2011 pdf and I will check first in our office library if we already have this. Continuous learning is really is really important if you want to improve your craft, …

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Apr 18

The Appraisal

So, I got my performance appraisal last Monday. Was it okay? Well, looking at the 3s and 4s, generally okay. Maybe, I just believe in myself too much–that is where the disappointment comes in or my boss just has high standards? Well, one thing, commitment is never enough. You have to be equipped with skills …

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Mar 19

Get the faith back

I did pray last night for time to slow down. I guess I could not keep up with this agile world. I need to rebuild my strength. I need to regroup. I have tons of things to do and I am at lost. Oh, it is not me. What to do? I have to get …

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Mar 19

Big decision

When you are not happy anymore with what you are doing, you stop and think back. You ask yourself, what should I really be doing right now? Choosing a career is one of the big decisions you have to make in life. Yes, there are always chances that you change that from time to time …

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Feb 24

The project

I left the office yesterday an even during my commute going home, thoughts of my recent project keep running insie my mind. Whoa! Finally, I got home. I ate my dinner. I watched TV afterwards. Then, I woke up at around 230AM with the thoughts of my recent project again insisting and keeping my grey …

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Feb 08

I need to learn how to draw

I need to learn how to draw. Well, I am not an artist but I need to learn how to draw diagrams. I have Visio but I am not really an expert in using it. Somehow, I feel left behind. That is as far as my co-workers are involved. Well, I am not an I.E. …

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Nov 29

Remove that hat

They say that in life, we wear different hats. Mother hat, wife hat, friend hat, sister hat, brother hat, neighbor hat, and so many other hats. We also wear hats at work. I mentioned that I transferred from one department to another in our company. Somehow, I am still wearing the hat of my previous …

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Nov 17

It is never too late to realize your dream

They say that it is never too late to realize your dreams! One of my former colleagues recently posted at her Facebook page that her dear Mom will soon be in nurses uniforms! She said: “Mom passed the nursing board exams at age 55!” I am sure that most of you have watched a film …

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