For record purposes

I am writing this post for record purposes. Funny, but really, I am already forgetful nowadays. I even want everything to be in naked glass or transparent containers so that I can see everything.

Anyways, it is a rainy day today and I am on vacation leave. It is my fifth day in the house since Saturday as Monday and Tuesday were Holidays. I planned to do many things the past five days but I think I only accomplished two things considering that it is almost 5PM already and the day is about to end. Well, I was able to wash clothes and iron some of my office clothes. I was also able to pay the rent in the cemetery where my brother was laid to rest. Imagine, my last payment was 2011 based on the records. I could not really remember. Anyways, thus, this post. I paid for 2012-2016 already so I hope next year, I will only pay the regular yearly rent.

Monday wishes

It is Monday once again! I pray that I will have the energy to do all my tasks. I hope that I am done with all the side effects of the medications that I am taking. I hope that I am not diabetic anymore–if and if it is possible. Anyways, there are really lot of things to do in the office. Oh, God, please help me to prioritize. Give me wisdom. Let me be able to interact with my co-workers with joy and respect. I really wish that I will be able to start the week with a bang. Please bless me with good health, oh Lord.

Keeping my mind busy

He knows how to make me smile. Well, as I mentioned in my previous posts, I am quite depressed. Well, I really do not have any inspiration about life. Would you believe that I tried studying French language? Well, that’s how depressed I am. I also downloaded brain exercise games. Anyways, I would like to keep my mind busy instead of sulking.

So, I tried checking my blogging accounts and voila! I got some assignments. Another diversion–to write.

Watching Lea Salonga

I am watching Lea Salonga right now. yey! Well, I do not plan to really sleep late but maybe it is worth it. Anyways, Lea Salonga is Lea Salonga and she is truly worth my time. After all, I am not paying for the concert as it is free being featured by Channel 2 as its Sunday Big Event. Happy Watching and listening to good music.

Mind control

I really do not like it when I am the the PMS stage. My patience is short. I can really be the big B that I can be. It is a good thing that I can still control it and my mind is still in control of any hormonal changes. Anyways, I totally undersstand other people or women who could not control themselves when they are at their PMS.

Higher contribution

Whoa! Higher contribution for supervisors! Now, it is sinking in. Higher salary means higher contributions in taxes, SSS, Philhealth and even company or team’s expenses! Well, yes, higher salary means increase in expenses too!

I need to be thankful and always be a cheerful giver, I know. In spite of everything that is happening to my family right now, I know that I am still more blessed than others. There are more people who need more. I need to keep that in mind. I am sorry that sometimes I feel bad. I know that I am blessed and I need to be thankful that I can lend a helping hand.

Time and time again

When you are given a second chance, you could only say thank you, right?Well, I hope that lesson is learned also. Oh, I have been through that time and time again. I have not changed and still does the same thing sometimes. What is it? Schedule. I am not that focused and I do what I want to do. I know I must change.