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May 07

Hello May

Hello May! Each day is a promise of a Sunny Day and Spring! Well, our country is a tropical one and we only have two kinds of weather. Sunny and Rainy! Flowers still bloom so there is a Spring Feel in the month of May. So what’s up? Me, I have been under the weather …

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Sep 28

A Positive Morning To All

I wish a positive morning to all! It is Monday, anyways. They say that you have to start your Monday right so that the rest of the week will go well also. So, smiles to all! It is not easy to always get up in the right side of the bed each day. Well, especially …

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Mar 20

Life Update

It has been a month since my last post here? Oh, how time flies. So, here are some updates about me: Diet- Epic fail once again! I stopped weighing myself. One thing sure, I am fat and heavier. Health- Yes, I separated the two, though they are related, right? Health and Diet! Anyways, I have …

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Feb 14

Just another twenty years

So, I am really keeping this blog until my last breath? How morbid, right? Honestly, I am trying to prepare myself for things like that. As they say, all of us will die, right? Anyways, I always pray for good health for me and my family. I am very specific on my request. Just another …

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May 08

In limbo

There are days that you feel weak. Well, weak and lazy and uninspired. I am trying to listen to Gospel music so that I will be inspired once again. I do not know if this is the effect of aging? Well, since I reached 40 this April, I really am sort of tired? Oh, too …

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Apr 17

High electric bill

Wohoo! The electric bill is very high! Well, it is very hot and the air-con use could not be avoided. To think it was only 15 days that we have been using the air-con our electric bill has already been doubled compared to the last reading. Oh, well! Should it be heat stroke or a …

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Jan 17

I want many kids

I read an article about a woman who gave birth to 22 children. According to her, the church is partly to blame because of the teaching, go forth and multiply. My question: how about abstinence? I believe it is also being taught in church. Well, my stand always is I do not have any right …

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Jan 15

Interacting with people

Interacting with people is really challenging. Sometimes, you just have to put inside your mind what is right or wrong and stick into it. You should not think about your feelings. You should not even react according to what you think. you should not even express yourself anymore and just let them be. In short …

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Oct 26

Security funds

As much as I do not want to think about it, I know that everyone will come to death. Morbid as it seems but it is the cycle of life and death. To complete, there must be an end. It frightens me because my child is still very young. You know, who will take care …

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Jun 23

Forever in my heart

It was July when my father died. We were all very young then. We did not know what to do when the doctor pronounced him dead. Thank you to my dearest cousins who made things easier for us. They took charge of the funeral arrangements. There were many things to do then. We needed to …

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