I do not want a heart attack

When I get bad… I am badder… Now, that’s how bad I am…

Kidding aside, sometimes, we tend to be bad or show off those little horns hiding inside our heads. We do not want to get a heart attack hiding our real feelings so we SNAP!…

Oh, it was a Saturday morning and I was on the go! I want to do a lot of things and move this ass off! So, the first on my list, wash clothes! Where is the washing machine? Oh, the neighbor, who happened to be my sister in law borrowed it! They are in the habit of borrowing things and not returning it until we ask them to return it already because we are going to use it! Funny, but when my husband heard me ranting about it, he did not contradict me. He knew I was right, huh! It was borrowed last Sunday and it was already Saturday, yesterday! I decided to hand wash my blouses because I wanted to wash clothes already. After four hours, the washing machine was returned…

Come afternoon, the nephew of my husband knocked and asked if they can borrow our laptop. I asked why, knowing that they have a desktop computer. According to him, it is slow and the headset is not working there. So, I said my piece and asked him to return it after they are finished using it. I had to say it. He returned the laptop around 7PM or past that. Here comes the catch. They changed the settings of the computer without advising us so we just had to find it out ourselves and it was another argument with my husband. This time, he said… I just had to change the proxy settings!!!!

The badder came today… the nephew asked if he could scan some documents. I obliged and went to the room and just worked with my laptop. It had been more than an hour and time for us to take a nap. I came out of the room and saw him Facebooking. I asked him what was he doing and immediately logged out. He then offered me the computer. After a while, he said that he will go home.

Am I bad? Yeah, the nice in me is sometimes gone. Well, I have to have discipline in my own house….

And… oh, I just read from the mobile phone that somebody would like to borrow the keyboard that I am using right now. Whaaaattttt????!!!!

Not in sync again?

Not in sync again? Family life has always been challenging to me. Married life, per se, is number one. Second, being a mother and a responsible one. Then, there is the career life or working non-stop just to feed your family. Complaining? Not really. It is just that, there are times that you really wanted to shout and be stress free!

All in all, I can say that I am blessed. I just hope that the way I want to take care of the blessings that the Lord has given me, my husband would also think the same way. However, it is not surprising at all that we do not really sync at all times. It is hard, really hard.

Anyways, most of the times, we are good. We understand each other and we support each other. Not just true right now. :(

Not close enough

They say that you should not discuss financial matters or else you will definitely end up in a fight. Well, that happened to me yesterday. I had no choice but to discuss it especially when you are the sole person earning for your family. The bad thing was he did not understand.

I really do not like to further expound on this as this is very personal already. One thing I learned, even the closest person to you do not really know you that well.Maybe, he is not that close enough.

Hubby at 50

Finally, the 50th birthday of my husband is over. What did we do yesterday? Not what I planned. I did wake up early and prepared his breakfast. Come lunch time we went to our son’s school then to our favorite fast food restaurant. He went ahead to the mall as I had to fetch my son at 450PM. We followed him to the mall where we bonded. It was fun for my child. We ate at a resto known for its cakes and pastries. I think he did not enjoy the food expect for the cake that was really good. Oh, do not forget his favorite Italian ice cream!

At 50, he is more grumpy! Oh, Lord, please some sweetness as his favorite dessert!

Your game is out of sync

I love playing Mall world. It takes my time nowadays. It relaxes me. Yes, I am addicted to FB games again, you may say. Anyways, I always see the prompt, Your game is out of sync… please refresh whenever I am already playing for so many hours…

Do you sometimes feel that your life is also out of sync? I just thought of it right now. Well, as of me and my husband, we seem to live in different worlds right now. I do not like what he likes. We always disagree. He is irritable while I am cool. There are so many instances already. He worries about things so much while I am carefree. I miss the old him. He used to be like me. Carefree, always smiling and does not show any sign of worry. Nagkabaligtad kami ngayon…

Anyways, I pray that everything will be fine. Mabait naman ang asawa ko. Maybe, tumatanda na. He will be 50 by January 25…

For a lifetime

Women are born to multitask! Just like me! While I am blogging, writing posts and doing EC drops, I am washing the clothes and cooking at the same time. I actually want to clean the ref too but I guess, my hands are full.
Men on the other hand are more of the concentrated creature. He has to be focused on one thing or he might not be able to do anything right.
Ironically, men and women still co-exist and actually live a harmonious relationship. Just like couples who actually last for a lifetime, true to their vows of the til death do them part…

Husband forgot his mobile phone

I hate it when husband is out of touch. I could still remember when he was still working abroad and I could not get in touch with him because he forgot to bring his mobile phone, it gave me some worries to death!

Today, he went out and the place he is going to is not a very safe place. He is going to the busy streets of Raon in Quiapo. If you want affordable or cheap electronics, go to Raon. What is he up to there? Well, he will return the portable generator that he bought last Sunday.

Anyways, I was trying to fix the house and found his mobile phone at the couch. There is no way for me to track him then and just be surprised what time he will get home.