Those times with no mobile phones

MY mobile phone is turned off during weekends. Well, we lived in the past without mobile phones and we survived, right? Well, yeah, we had our landlines. Oh, we do not have that here in our house anymore. We have three mobile lines thus, no need for landline, I guess. To think, I wished for that before. Well, having a landline phone before was sort of a status symbol. You are rich if you have that. I think it made sense as it was very expensive to get one back in the 80s. Today, get one and apply for a price that you can afford. :)

The riding the truck experience

I experienced riding a truck once or twice. Mini trucks, many times as I worked for a construction company before. How was the experience? Oh, those truck side bars had been helpful. Yes, the difficulty of climbing up that step towards the very high big truck being used to transport steel and gravel.

You know what? My work in that construction company was really colorful. I painted walls and I hammered nails! I tiled the toilet floors and installed the wood parquet! Amazing! I now feel and believe I can build my own house.

Keep the good ones

I wonder what is vonage help?

Anyways, sometimes we think about a lot of things, right? Well, time to defrag some of the unimportant things. Forget about it all at once and move on. Better yet, store it in a real storage and not inside your mind.

I am about to turn 40 and yes, 39 years of experience seems a lot already. I just have to keep the good ones.

Highschool friends

They say that the best time in your whole education life is during highschool! I was looking at my FB page and there are lots of pictures posted for the recent event that took place in the school that I came from. a basketball league! There is a sportsfest going on! There was an invite but I am not really into it! Me, party pooper? Well, I do not really have much friends in highschool. Maybe I was too serious.

Let me check the pictures… Okay, there was no classmate of mine present. Maybe, those that were not present were actually my highschool friends. 😉

I was a farm girl

What a beautiful farm stool! It is very relaxing at farm and seeing pictures of trees and animals inside your homes in the city sort of gives you a relaxing feeling, right? It does to me! I can say that I was a farm girl! I grew up in the province and I enjoyed going to the farm on weekends. Walking barefooted feeling the soil, smelling the aroma of the fresh rice grass and leaves of the trees, and most of all, eating fresh fruits and fresh fish that we caught from the rivers. Reading a book up while resting on a big tree branch, oh such wonderful memories of my childhood that I do not tire going back to over and over again!

The hardest part is saying goodbye

I do not know if I have written about this already. Well, yes, in anything, the hardest part is saying goodbye. The inevitable happened last week. Come to think of it, a week has passed. It was a Wednesday, the saddest day in many lives. Well, let us forget about the money or those silly reasons of not wanting to work for the company doing the same job for almost a decade… People might have money but friendships cannot be bought… Yes, the sad thing is saying goodbye to a friend or even to an enemy. Life will be dull if there are no antagonists.

Friends come and go but surely, memories will stay.

Till we meet again.


I am currently reading camcorder reviews. My husband wanted to buy one. He said that we need it especially that our son is growing up. He wants to document school activities and family gatherings using a video camera. I must agree with him since I also love to capture moments. Happy memories that are worth looking back to in the future. Right now, what we are using is my mobile phone. Yes, my ever versatile phone cum camera and camcorder also. We are currently considering a digital camcorder. It is actually incorporated to one of our favorite gadgets. Well, that is for us to decide come Christmas time. For now, we have to settle with our mini video camera which has been really useful. Though last March my husband almost bought me a cute camcorder in time for my son’s graduation day and at the same time a birthday gift for me. But, that’s us, fickle and indecisive. Let our impulsive buying mode act up and surely we will be able to grab one camcorder real soon!