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Mar 16

Summer Class

Summer is here and I want it to be worthwhile for my son. He has been begging me for a  piano and I think it is high time to give him that. anyways, all of us can use it and maybe my talent in composing can be revived. After all, the price is affordable since …

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Mar 25

Young kids play guitar like a Pro

It is weekend once again! Yey! I hope to catch some good watch be it some TV shows or maybe a movie marathon or a series marathon. Last Saturday was enjoyable as there was the grand finals of a musical contest in one of the noontime shows. The young kids, around 14-19 years old already …

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Feb 17

Pleasant to his ears

Past Twelve Midnight and Hubby and I are still awake. We are here at the dining area as he is having his coffee because it is very cold here in our town. He told me that we should talk or bond since we have not seen each other the whole day since breakfast. Well, as …

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Apr 07

A man’s house

Our living room is almost done. All our pictures were removed from the walls. According to my husband, it is old fashioned already to display pictures. Anyways, we have a spare room. I told him that I will hang all the frames there. He disagreed because the room will be filled with all his musical …

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Jul 15

String instruments

We attended the Golden Wedding Anniversary of my Aunt last week. I always look forward to such celebrations as I learn a lot and entertained as well. True enough, her grandchildren rendered beautiful numbers. The kids of her eldest and only daughter performed live! I mean, they sang and played different kinds of music instruments. …

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May 19

The one that suits you

This cello buying guide is really useful. We do not buy things at once, right? We look for product specifications. We already know what we want so we will not have a hard time to decide. We just need to check if what we like to buy is in the store based on the qualifications …

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Mar 13

Dad’s memory

Music. Why is there a music subject in school? That is because, music is essential. Life is music, others will say. Music is one of my favorite subjects before. Yes, during my elementary days. It happened that my Aunt is a piano teacher. I got it from her. All her kids are musically inclined too. …

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Nov 01

The flute

The moment he wakes up, he would go to the bathroom and wash his face and brush his teeth, and then gets his flute to practice and practice until it is time for him to drink his milk, and then he would practice again. Then, the dream baloon was popped and I am back to …

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Aug 29

To listen to good music, get good headphones

I had to review my blog to check if I have given my husband a gift! Oh, am I that old to be too forgetful already? Sometimes, I really have a memory of the fish, you know! I really could not remember things, already! So, I have not given my husband an anniversary present. I …

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Jan 24

I miss his guitar

My husband’s electric guitar has been with his younger brother for the longest time now. I think that he should get it or we should buy a new jeff beck stratocaster. Well, I miss listening to him playing a guitar. Also, our son is already eight years old and I think he is also musically …

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