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Nov 09

Time in at Eight AM

So early here in the office! So, this is what it feels like reporting for work at 8AM? Nah, I did not request for a change in schedule. It happened that my family has to leave the house early. It is my son’s field trip day and aseembly time was 5AM. Hohum! I really want …

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Mar 26

Surprise party for the champions

We are happy to hear that our department are collecting trophies in the current Cup. The management of the group of companies which the company I am working for belongs to holds a yearly Sports fest in which all the companies that they own will be competing against each other. Our company already has trophies …

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Oct 21

My two worlds

I am praying for patience, self control, wisdom, intelligence, humility, and all sorts of good behavior. I think I can maintain such since I was raised to be a good person. I owe it to my conservative Aunt and cousins. Yes, I grew up with my father’s sisters. You know those stories that a niece …

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Sep 18

Shake it baby

Diet, losing weight, to be sexy, and to be healthy, a very good fad for me. Yes, almost every woman in the office are gearing towards that beautiful body again. In our group, we just have to convince two more people to join us in losing weight. They are actually my friends. The one is …

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Sep 15

As pretty as her Mom

Our kids are growing up. The people in the office sort of observe that each time there is a gathering that is open for everyone including family members. This early, my friend already has a Halloween costume for her daughter who is my goddaughter. I am so excited to see her in Chinese silk. Yes, …

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