Honing Someone

Well, being a manager or a team lead, you got so much responsibilities if you take it seriously… I am saying this because I have encountered different kinds of leaders. To each his own, they say. Well, yes, it is like being a parent. It is really a big challenge to hone someone. Who am I to judge? I am a parent myself and I know, I am not doing a good job yet. There are so many things to improve on. Yes, I am taking it seriously.

Never Give Up

My son is really surprising me all the time. You know, random things that I never expect him to say or do. Like for one, this desktop I am using right now. It belongs to him. One morning, I had some deadlines and my laptop’s keyboard was not working. I tried to open this Computer and to no avail. It is not opening! Well, I kept it sort of a secret as it will definitely ruin our morning.

Come weekend, I saw my husband trying to open this too. According to him, it is only our son who can open this. We let it go and just let it be. True enough, when our son woke up, he went straight to his computer. It was not opening. He did not rant nor became grumpy nor blame anybody for this. He just told us that it happens every time. I asked him what he does about it. He told me, the quote: Never Give Up! Huh? He told me that he just needs to try and try and never give up until this Computer opens.

Today, I tried opening this. After some tension and stress, it opened and I am now writing this post!

Never Give Up!!!!!

Not just computers

This week shall be the week before summer vacation for my kid! I asked him what summer activity he would like to take. According to him, he has been longing to learn how to play a musical instrument. Oh, PRS Guitars maybe? Just like his Dad, huh! Well, yes, it is time to bring back music in the family. It is also a good thing that son is interested in other things like playing the guitar. Just as I about to conclude that he might already be addicted to computer games, no! He still has his fascination with insects and guitars. Thank you!

His best talent is making me smile

My son is growing up so fast and more than ever, he gets a grip of things and he interprets it on his own. I need to really be careful and yes, I have to have more units in psychology.

Last night, we were watching TV and a child who has an extraordinary talent was featured in a commercial. I was amazed of the child and I verbally expressed it. He heard it and he told me that he has the cheapest pest products and it is just that nobody has ordered yet. Imagine that! I just tried to make him feel special and told him that his best talent is making me smile.

No need to compete with others, Son. You are the best in Mommy’s eyes.

Reviewing for Math exam

I am helping my son review for his Math exam tomorrow. It was fun as I learned estimation once again. At first I did not understand. Well, my son asked me why. Oh, I just opened the computer and asked Google, huh! So, we were able to finish reviewing in one hour.

Thank you for the learning, my son. :)

Security funds

As much as I do not want to think about it, I know that everyone will come to death. Morbid as it seems but it is the cycle of life and death. To complete, there must be an end. It frightens me because my child is still very young. You know, who will take care of him when I am gone? It is not that I do not trust those people around us like our relatives and friends but there is also another factor for us to live, the financial part. Yes, money does matters, you all agree? Well, I am thinking of getting a security fund as I believe that savings like that might help even if I go in time or not accidentally. I always want my son to have a good life if not the best one.

Son sick again

Son sick again. The usual cough and colds due to change of weather or he caught it somewhere? Expenses in meds again? That is the least of my worry. My worry is his health. I really hope and pray that he get well soon. I left home with a heavy heart knowing that he needs me to take care of him. But, Mommy has to work. :(