Glam Rock is our Christmas Party’s Theme

Glam Rock is our Christmas Party’s Theme! I am very excited because it is something that we can really play on. I am now looking for an outfit. True enough, it is in season! We went window shopping yesterday and there were so many mannequins dressed in that kind of attire already! Oh, it is my time to wear Lucchese Boots! For some accessories, I am thinking of not buying anymore. I contacted my friend who has tons of studded leather bracelets, bling-blings and earrings! I hope that my make up artist friend will be available that day for my complete get up! I am ready to rock on!

Surprise party for the champions

We are happy to hear that our department are collecting trophies in the current Cup. The management of the group of companies which the company I am working for belongs to holds a yearly Sports fest in which all the companies that they own will be competing against each other. Our company already has trophies for Track and Filed and Volleyball! Two of the players are my team mates and I am so proud of them. Too bad, we were not able to watch their game. Anyways, we are planning to hold a surprise party for them come Monday. Yes, the sports fest will end this Sunday. Monday, back to work. :)

Pretty dress, make up and high heels

I am glad that I was able to attend my previous team’s Christmas party. I was not able to be in a prom dress just like the others but it is enough that all of them are. I loved it! There were hidden beauties that came out of their closets revealing how pretty they were if only they will dress up and put on some make up. Do not forget those high heels!


Big plants, outdoor lighting, tables, chairs, food, wine, what else? I am preparing for our Christmas party. Yes, I want something intimate by the garden. I am excited for it. Well, no worries with food because I will only buy from my favorite restaurant. Though to cook spaghetti is always an option, I think it will be tiring for all of us since we want to rest also during the holidays. The time that we will spend cooking, we can spend bonding. :)

As pretty as her Mom

Our kids are growing up. The people in the office sort of observe that each time there is a gathering that is open for everyone including family members. This early, my friend already has a Halloween costume for her daughter who is my goddaughter. I am so excited to see her in Chinese silk. Yes, they are Chinese. My goddaughter surely will stand among the rest because she is as pretty as her Mom. As of my son, he has not decided yet what to wear. I am not sure also if he could come to the Haloween party because that could mean being absent from class. Anyways, come what may, that event will surely be a colorful and happy one for all the kids!