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Dec 27

Hibernation for me

I read from an FB post that my previous co-worker was trying hard to fight the temptation of sleeping as it was bed weather in the province. Well, he supposed to work from home. Just like, me, eh! I have lot of things to do and I am procrastinating. Anyways, I really do not know …

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Sep 15

Third day and did not survive

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I will be doing the three day diet but the modified one. I am on the third day and it so happened that it is my rest day today meaning I do not have any work. I thought that the hardest day of the program will be …

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Aug 22

So many plans today

It is Sunday! What’s up, folks? I have so many plans today. I want to cook something special for my husband. It is already 10AM though. I guess, it will no be until dinner I will be able to do that. Well, the day started rather late. Well, what do you expect, we slept late …

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Aug 03

Another day wasted?

Gabi na naman. Ang bilis talaga ng oras. Hay, nasayang na naman ba ang araw? rest day ko pa naman. Di ko nagawa lahat ng gusto kong gawin gaya ng magpagupit at magpapedicure. Ay, saka nga pala magpakulay ng buhok. Ano nga ba ang ginawa ko buong araw? Nung umaga, nakipagkulitan sa ank ko. Eh, …

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Jul 25

I went to the market today

I went to the market today. Today is my rest day and I really wanted to do something special for the family. My office mate inspired me as he brought adobo, an all time favorite Filipino dish at the office. According to him, he cooked it on his own. It tasted good. I plan to …

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Mar 10

Newly colored hair

It is my rest day today! I fought for this day. Well, somehow. I really wanted a rest day today. Well, I do not like to work five straight days in a week. I am not used to it. Ironically, I would be applying for a 9-6 job and if I will be accepted, I …

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