Hibernation for me

I read from an FB post that my previous co-worker was trying hard to fight the temptation of sleeping as it was bed weather in the province. Well, he supposed to work from home. Just like, me, eh! I have lot of things to do and I am procrastinating. Anyways, I really do not know but I am not really in the mood these days. I feel like hibernating.

Third day and did not survive

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I will be doing the three day diet but the modified one. I am on the third day and it so happened that it is my rest day today meaning I do not have any work. I thought that the hardest day of the program will be easier for me since I am on a rest day but I was wrong.

My husband asked me to cook for lunch. He likes to be served and be treated as a King whenever I am on rest day. Now I call that rest day huh? I am practically a maid during my rest days. Oh, not complaining here! Seriously, I was not able to resist my own cooking. I ate 1/2 cup rice instead of the three saltine crackers. Would you believe though that the two has the same calorie count or almost? Anyways, I only ate lean meat. No chicken skin nor chicken fat for me. The dish is of course already oily as it is.

So, it will be dinner time later… I will try to stick to Tuna and the never ending carrots and string beans! Tomorrow, let us see how much I lost or if there is any. 😉

So many plans today

It is Sunday! What’s up, folks?

I have so many plans today. I want to cook something special for my husband. It is already 10AM though. I guess, it will no be until dinner I will be able to do that. Well, the day started rather late. Well, what do you expect, we slept late or was it morning already? We did have a good time last night. We watched a nice movie of Bruce Willis. I am sure that almost everybody have watched the Die Hard series. The second installment was shown over Star Movies last night. Our son who learned about it said that he must watch it also. Good thing there is another replay this afternoon.

Right now I am trying to do all things at the same time. Well, mothers are good in multi tasking as always. I am washing clothes and towels, blogging, cleaning the house and looking after my child.

More updates on my rest day later!

Another day wasted?

Gabi na naman. Ang bilis talaga ng oras. Hay, nasayang na naman ba ang araw? rest day ko pa naman. Di ko nagawa lahat ng gusto kong gawin gaya ng magpagupit at magpapedicure. Ay, saka nga pala magpakulay ng buhok. Ano nga ba ang ginawa ko buong araw? Nung umaga, nakipagkulitan sa ank ko. Eh, bago siya pumasok sa eskwela, yun yung time na magbonding. Tapos nagluto ng pagkain niya. Afritada. Uy, wala lang. Manok lang na may Afritada mix ng Del Monte, hahaha. Tanghalian din naming mag-asawa? Hindi. lumabas kami at kumain sa bagong bukas na restaurant dun sa may ampid. Mang Inasal. Okay na sana kaya lang di masarap yung kanin. Eat all kanin pa naman. Umuwi din kami agad. Eh, umulan. Ayun, nawalan ng signal yung dream satellite. Nwala yung mga palabas sa TV. Ang lakas ng ulan. Nakatulog ako. Kagigising gising ko lang. Eto, blogging. Tapos luto ng hapunan. Maya maya tulog na uli.

English translation.

Night time once again. Time few so fast. Another day wasted? considering that it is my off from work and I wished to do lot of things like a haircut and a pedicure, and oh color my hair too! So what did I do the whole day? In the morning, bonding time with my son. I cooked his lunch, Afritada. It was just chicken with instant Afritada mix. My husband and I went out though and ate at the newest branch of Mang Inasal. I did not enjoy it because I did not like the rice considering, it is eat all rice. Anyways, we went home after that. It rained thus the sattelite signal was not good. I slept and just woke up. Now cook for dinner and after a while, sleep again…

I went to the market today

I went to the market today.
Today is my rest day and I really wanted to do something special for the family. My office mate inspired me as he brought adobo, an all time favorite Filipino dish at the office. According to him, he cooked it on his own. It tasted good. I plan to cook today also and I decided, my Adobo is good, so why not cook it again? Oh, it has been so long since I visited the kitchen!
So, off I went to the market this morning. I could not believe the prices! Very high!
Here are the things that I bought:
1/4 kilo pork- 45 Php
3/4 kilo chicken- 88
potatoes- 12
pepper- 3
Total: 163 Php or around $4. Come to think of it, the price is still cheap? Well, that is equivalent to the pint of ice cream we are eating right now while we wait for the Adobo to be cooked.
Hmmm… I could smell it right now. Gotta go!

Newly colored hair

It is my rest day today! I fought for this day. Well, somehow. I really wanted a rest day today. Well, I do not like to work five straight days in a week. I am not used to it. Ironically, I would be applying for a 9-6 job and if I will be accepted, I have to work five straight days. Anyways, more to that in the coming days if it will be pursued.

As usual, the day started when the phone’s alarm rang. It was time to get up for my son and take a bath for his classes. I also got up. I just wanted to.

After my son’s classes, we went to the bank. It is pay day today! I paid some bills. Then off we went to the mall. Hubs bought a new shaver. I was able to buy another pink undergarment for my bossom. Now, I have three pairs with the same color and design. My son begged for marbles. Lunch was at Jollibee. The usual chickenjoy and extra rice satisfied our stomach. Dinner? We had pizza from Pizza Hut.

My friend called me when I was still in the mall. She told me about the new developments in the office. I am in hot water again. Apparently, my boss thinks that I am asking almost everyone to go out and apply to another group. I did not do that of course. In the first place, I was asked to apply and I did not have any intent at all to leave as of the moment. I am waiting for the PA. Salary is more important to me now than any prestige. After all, I work hard for the money. I work hard so that I could put food at the table. I work hard so that when my son asks me to give him milk, I will be able to. I do not work for anybody else. All I am doing is for my family. That is why, I pray hard too. I ask God to provide. I ask Him to make me a better person. I ask for His strength… for me to be able to always make it each day. I actually lift everything to Him. Lord, kaw na po bahala sa mga Boss ko! I claim it now!

Well, because of that, I decided to dye my hair, all black. I want to look good tomorrow with no flaws at all. My friend said that our Boss would like to talk to me. Wish me luck, guys!