To buy or not to buy new flat shoes

Flat shoes- love them! Well, any kind of shoes, for that matter, since there is an Imelda in all women out there, do you agree?

Anyways, my friends asked me to go with them on a shoe sale! A particular high end brand has an on going buy one take one promo. Believe me, I really wanted to huy if only I had not ordered two pairs of Marikina made doll shoes already which I shall be receiving next week. My friends took the offer and they are very happy!!

Sale is on going so maybe I still have the chance to change my mind and eventually give in. 😉

It is the comfort

One of the favorite brands here in our country is Adidas. Well, for rubber shoes be it running or basketball shoes, many people go for Adidas. Actually, it is only right now that people are actually buying shoes for its purpose. Say, an adidas wrestling shoes, you can see people wearing it everyday. Running shoes are also being used as walking shoes or office shoes. You might say, only here in our country, huh! Well, walking shoes on the other hand, are also being used as sports shoes by others. Well, maybe it is the comfort that people consider in wearing a type of footwear.

I forgot what I want

I just read from a friend’s blog that she is thinking a gift for her birthday this August. Something valuable like a nice gadget. Iphone or Ipad or Kindle Fire? That gave me a lot to think about. Well, I have not really given something big for myself. Yes, something as much as 30K or more. :) But, I do buy a lot of things from time to time like cheap flats or affordable blouses. Hmmm… so what do I want? That is one of my problems, I forgot what I really want already.