Trusted source

When you talk about starcaster at, it is like talking about a real star. That is what guitar lovers will say, I am sure. Who does not want to have a starcaster, right? My hubby himself will like to have a new guitar. He found some sale items in the net but I recommend that he buys from a trusted source. Then, he saw starcaster. That is the end of the story, if you know what I mean.

Love Affair with the Strings

Whenever w go to the mall, there is a place that we make as our meeting place in case that our phone batteries got drained and there is no way for us to get in touch with each other. Where else but at guitar center! Well, I am outnumbered because I have tow boys and I am the only girl in the family. Anyways, we do not find guitars only at the guitar center. There are other musical instruments too. Have I mentioned that I know how to play the banduria? It is just that, I do not like to rekindle that love affair with the strings because I do not want the banduria to be like the ukelele that we bought last time. What happened? No one plays it anymore. I decided to just start learn playing that since we already purchased that one. So, ukelele first, then maybe, banduria again in the future.

Simple happiness

This time, a mulit? Well, so be it, I told my husband. We only live once so why not buy all the things that you want? Anyways, simple happiness really matters. Yes, it is not that expensive too but the joy that it would give my husband is priceless.

I really do not understand why I should be thrifty at times. Well, what am I saving for? I guess, I should just live a healthy lifestyle so that I would not spend much in medical expenses in the future. Given that, I can buy simple things or even bigger ones!

Join them

My husband and I had a fight about audio technica ath-m50x. Well, that is us, him and me, when it comes to music equipment and accessories. He is a musician, I accept that. However, a very expensive hubby. If i9t will make him happy, I know I have to give in. Sometimes, I just needed to pretend that I get it, ha! Anyways, because of that I came to learn and begin love music. As they say, if you cannot beat them, join them.

New Computer For Dex

Yes, we bought a new desktop computer! The one that I mentioned in one of my previous posts said goodbye already. Time to replace it. My son is now happy. I am happy. :) Well, it is just but right to replace the computer every two years at least to be able to keep up with the time. The computer was bought last October 10. :)

He buys anything

My husband showed me the new bracelet that he bought online. Yes, he did it again! I wonder why I have not seen a fishman aura bought by him. Well, he is a musician and I guess, he should be investing in those gadgets. Anyways, my husbands shopaholicness is very versatile. I could not comprehend nor converse but he just buys everything that catches his eye.

Pretty clothes for beautiful ladies

Pretty clothes at katydid clothing! Perfect for my beautiful friend and her equally gorgeuos daughter. The latter is my goddaughter and it was her birthday last July 10. I have not given her a gift yet and I am sure a blouse or two will definitely make her smile. I might just buy some for my friend two. I will just aske her to pay for it! Kidding aside, I will just tell her about the site. After all, my friend is the one who has good eyes for nice clothes.