Son sick again

Son sick again. The usual cough and colds due to change of weather or he caught it somewhere? Expenses in meds again? That is the least of my worry. My worry is his health. I really hope and pray that he get well soon. I left home with a heavy heart knowing that he needs me to take care of him. But, Mommy has to work. :(

Socializing around the world

Oh, my son? He is really into PC Games. His Sundays and Saturdays are dedicated to his favorite PC games. That is why we do not go to the malls anymore. 😉 Err… we do not go to the malls with him anymore as he would tell us, we would just waste his computer time.

PC Games are good if the game is educational or something that would hone a child’s imagination. My son’s games thought him english words as there is chat there. Yes, he also made some friends from around the world. I think it is good.

Proud Mommy

I am really a proud Mom. My son is growing up to be a very witty child. Well, at his young age, he thinks of ways to earn money already. His intentions are still selfish though. Well, ask him why he want money and he will tell you that he wants to get that memebrship for his online game club.

So, what are the businesses that my son proposed? Oh, so many to mention like buy and sell of inkjet ink cartridges, selling food like barbeque and I do not know if I had mentioned it here already, he wanted to build a church! No, he does not want to be a priest. :)

Happy Eight Birthday To My Son

I just want to share some pics during the birthday celebration of my son! I might post this in my other blog dedicated to him but I would like to post it here also since this blog is about every drop of my life.

My son turned Eight! I am so proud of my son growing to be a very good boy. I pray for his health. I pray that we will be able to raise him well for him to have a good foundation that he can use when he is on his own already! Oh, that is thinking too far! If only he can stay as my baby.

Anyways, my prayer everyday is I will be a good Mom to him.

Happy Eight Birthday, Son! You are the best gift that God gave to us! Thank you, Son for all the joys that you give to us! We love you!

I need WiFi

It is Saturday once again. Oh, I only have one hour to tinker with the keyboard or else my son will accuse me of ruining his Saturday. Oh,I need WiFi! Our router is broken thus even though we have WiFi capable gadgets like the laptop and i-pod and even our mobile phones, useless! Son is gr-umping about his favorite shows already finished and he cannot even enjoy television! So, am I under his power that it is his rule for me to follow? What can I do in one hour?

Make time stop on weekends

Would you believe that you would make my son very happy if you give him makita batteries? Actually, any kind of battery for that matter. Very low maintenance of a kid he is, indeed! I am so lucky! Well, my son at seven is still very much into toys and a lot of playing! That is why he needs many batteries for his toys! Every time that we go to the mall or supermarket, he will have a battery in the grocery basket. :) Oh, kids! Anyways, that reminds me. The wall clock needs a battery already! It has been almost a week that the time is stuck at 4:35. Come to think of it, can we really make time stop even just for a while? Well, especially during weekends! :)


Chill. I learned to do that. You know, keep cool about things. Just like this Christmas, I did not pressure myself that much. No big preparation for the Christmas dinner. Maybe we will just go out tomorrow and give in to our kid’s requests. As usual, we will go to the mall. We will buy him some toys and clothes.