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Jul 02

I was once a Martina Hingis fan

Well, if just for her prowess in tennis, I remain a Martina Hingis fan. Just leave thoer personal background as they do not care about mine also, I guess. 🙂 Anyways, I was watching Wimbledon a while ago and I thought of the youngest tennis legend. So, she is married now to a lawyer. Playing …

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Jun 09

Rough game

My nephew just won in a swimming competition. He got two trophies. He is really a sports person. He loves volleyball and swimming. Actually, if you see him, you might think that he is a basketball player as he is really tall! However, he does not like to play basketball. Well, he and his parents …

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May 05

Badminton last Thursday!

I am really happy that I was finally able to play Badminton again last Thursday! That was such a long time already since my last game. Yes, I think more than 15 years ago! Imagine that! Well, I am not a Pro but I can hit the ball and run a few! Yes, I am …

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Jul 24

The big story

The weekend is almost over again and my plan for any sports has not yet been realized. Well, I wanted to do some running or walking, the cheapest sports, I guess as all you need to have are pair of rubber shoes, jogging pants or shorts and a shirt! No gym memberships needed as you …

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Mar 26

Surprise party for the champions

We are happy to hear that our department are collecting trophies in the current Cup. The management of the group of companies which the company I am working for belongs to holds a yearly Sports fest in which all the companies that they own will be competing against each other. Our company already has trophies …

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