Think before you write

I am thinking if I should write this. Well, in FB or instagram or in Twitter, it is encouraged to Think before you Click. How about in Blogging? Think before you write?

Writing has always been my stress reliever. When I did not have computer yet nor internet connection, I had this notebook where I wrote many things. I had poems, phrases, even a song! Well, I do not have that notebook anymore as it was washed away by the flood.

So, what am I stressing about? Work, work, work. Anyways, I know that I should not be stressed out when it comes to work or else, I would end up a loser, right? Inhale, exhale!!!

Okay, I received a news today that I will have a new boss and a new task. Well, I know that I will be able to do my best but still, can I just have my existing Boss? My higher Boss, said No…get out of my comfort zone…opportunity to grow, etc… Inhale, exhale…Lots of prayers too. Dear God, please forgive me for not being so good today and for committing mistakes. Please guide me and always protect me. Amen.

Then, on my existing workload…that I think I should not be doing… oh, well…some people can really be so cruel and out of reason…”May pinagdadaanan?” That person might be in a bad mood that is why she is like that? Oh, she is always like that! Inhale, exhale!!!…lots of prayers too. Dear God, please help me to have more patience and understanding and let me not be affected by trials like this. I hope that she forgives me too if she saw that I was disappointed with her. Amen.

Okay, I am fine now. I have written it all? To post or not to post? Well, this is a blog. She does not know about this blog. If in the future she might stumble upon this, then maybe she will just laugh at it. Anyways, this is just how I feel right now. I have no ill feelings towards her. Yes, it is just job. I will just let it pass. Tomorrow is another day.

Dear God, Thank You for today. You are the Greatest God. I entrust all things to You, oh Lord. Amen.

Release stress

It is a tiring day today and I need retail therapy! Yes, I want to buy everything and even my hubby’s digitech jamman can already be on his hand any time soon! Well, we need some music in the house too and do some jamming because the weather is gloomy and I also want to make some noise just to release some stress!
Retail therapy, music and very loud music, I like!!!

Stress symptoms

I hope to finish all my assignments before 8Am as I need to go to the office. Should I give in to the stress? I should not! I can do it! Well, what do I feel right now? I am hungry as I only eat half rice last night. I also feel like going to the President’s meeting and I also seem like having some headache? Anyways–that is stress, right? I must not give in to it.

Overthinking matters

I tend to really be very serious on things. I am not that of a joker or take things lightly. I know that it is not good as it is causing me too much stress. I overthink matters a lot. Well, i think I should really be like the others who just take things in a cool manner.

No to stress. That should be my motto from now on?

The project

I left the office yesterday an even during my commute going home, thoughts of my recent project keep running insie my mind. Whoa! Finally, I got home. I ate my dinner. I watched TV afterwards. Then, I woke up at around 230AM with the thoughts of my recent project again insisting and keeping my grey matter real alive! I trie to ivert my attention as I know that it means stress already. I opened my computer and played Family Feud. I got tire an finally ecie to go back to bed at around 530AM. Still, the project was there. It is here. I prepare to go to the office and again going there, ieas and lots of them about the project keeps on flashing. Now, I am here at the office already. Yes, finally, I can work on it and it means a whole day of enriching my knowledge, the main advantage of what I am oing right now no matter what will be the decision or the outcome of the project.

Create a diet buddy

I have been thru a lot of eating again lately. Well, blame it on the season, I guess? The culprits? Trainings with free hotel food- thank goodness not buffet. 😉 Then, celebration- birthday of my Son! Then- just staying home, I guess.

During the training last week, I can see my reflection whenever I go to the comfort room. Oh, not so nice sight of all the flab in side view. I told to myself, fat-fat-fat. But you know what? I just had ice cream last night and I can still feel the luscious chocolate syrup inside my mouth. I have been binging into lots of rice also.

Stressed? Maybe I just worry worried too much lately. I guess, I just need to change my perspective again. Since most people see me as a happy and positive person, I guess, I should really be that, inside and out. Then, I will be able to control eating already?

I really do not know. One thing I learned, I should not broadcast my dieting as most people do not believe me anymore nor they are supportive. They will say, “Good luck!”, but then again, they really do not mean it.

A diet buddy- Yes, I really need one. I guess, he or she will be the answer to my diet struggle. Since I cannot find one, I guess, I will just create one! smug

Yo-yoed back to 172.4 pounds!

Yo-yoed back to 172.4 pounds! I feel so heavy and bloated. The eating started Wednesday night. Five nights only and I gained back almost five pounds! Imagine that! What are my excuses this time? Plain laziness, I guess! And, oh, yeah, I must admit, the STRESS. There is a scientific explanation for that, right? Where is my determination? It is here, inside my heart….

Well, I realized that I can only exercise or go on a diet when I am at the office or during working days. There is the discipline of just taking shake and tea for lunch. There is the regular five minute walk a few blocks going to the office plus the five to six flight of stairs- going up and going down. Then there is the use of the brain cells that actually consumes much energy, I guess. More importantly, the support system from my friends who are also into dieting.

Blame it on the long weekend, then. 😉