Tag: stress

Feb 02

Think before you write

I am thinking if I should write this. Well, in FB or instagram or in Twitter, it is encouraged to Think before you Click. How about in Blogging? Think before you write? Writing has always been my stress reliever. When I did not have computer yet nor internet connection, I had this notebook where I …

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Feb 02

Release stress

It is a tiring day today and I need retail therapy! Yes, I want to buy everything and even my hubby’s digitech jamman can already be on his hand any time soon! Well, we need some music in the house too and do some jamming because the weather is gloomy and I also want to …

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Aug 12

Stress symptoms

I hope to finish all my assignments before 8Am as I need to go to the office. Should I give in to the stress? I should not! I can do it! Well, what do I feel right now? I am hungry as I only eat half rice last night. I also feel like going to …

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Mar 05

Overthinking matters

I tend to really be very serious on things. I am not that of a joker or take things lightly. I know that it is not good as it is causing me too much stress. I overthink matters a lot. Well, i think I should really be like the others who just take things in …

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Feb 24

The project

I left the office yesterday an even during my commute going home, thoughts of my recent project keep running insie my mind. Whoa! Finally, I got home. I ate my dinner. I watched TV afterwards. Then, I woke up at around 230AM with the thoughts of my recent project again insisting and keeping my grey …

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Dec 14

Create a diet buddy

I have been thru a lot of eating again lately. Well, blame it on the season, I guess? The culprits? Trainings with free hotel food- thank goodness not buffet. 😉 Then, celebration- birthday of my Son! Then- just staying home, I guess. During the training last week, I can see my reflection whenever I go …

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Oct 31

Yo-yoed back to 172.4 pounds!

Yo-yoed back to 172.4 pounds! I feel so heavy and bloated. The eating started Wednesday night. Five nights only and I gained back almost five pounds! Imagine that! What are my excuses this time? Plain laziness, I guess! And, oh, yeah, I must admit, the STRESS. There is a scientific explanation for that, right? Where …

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Jul 17

Stress free day

I want to promise myself that it is going to be a stress free day. Well, despite rushing 12 articles. Despite planning to iron clothes. Despite everybody expecting me to do what I must do. What do you think? Will it be a stress free day for me? I plan to go to Church. I …

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Jun 28

Beyond deadline

It is a tiring day. I am rushing a project and I am beyond the deadline already. I have no choice but to do it at home. However, I am already sleepy when I get home. What to do? Well, time management, I guess. I still have another project to write and finalize. It is …

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May 15

One more day to rest

It is a beautiful Sunday morning! I cooked breakfast! Well, quite inspired? Maybe just in the mood. The bananas, stress tablets and muscle relaxant are all working. I am not irritated too. Right now, I am also washing clothes and is planning to clean the house. I just hope that it would be like this …

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