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Nov 06

New Computer For Dex

Yes, we bought a new desktop computer! The one that I mentioned in one of my previous posts said goodbye already. Time to replace it. My son is now happy. I am happy. 🙂 Well, it is just but right to replace the computer every two years at least to be able to keep up …

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Apr 18

Patient feels more secure

My friend recently gave birth abroad. I am amazed with the hospital equipments used during her labor and actual delivery. I specifically like the patient monitor! It is very high tech and I think I myself can monitor it on my own if I were the patient. Yes, it is user friendly. It makes the …

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Feb 19

Finally without a mouse!

Finally without a mouse! Well, as far as I am using my laptop right now! Oh, I learned, I guess, having stressful mouses in the past or until now. Well, the more affordable mouses or those cheap mouses do not give optimum performance and can even give you stress! So, now, I learned to use …

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Oct 12

A gift to myself

I am in search of good camcorders. Well, my phone camera might do the trick for me to capture great videos but then again, I want a separate camcorder. I missed something really nice in the office. It was a video contest and I was not even aware of it until I read the announcement …

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Sep 25

Facebook’s Timeline

I saw from my friend’s update in FB about Facebook’s Timeline. According to FB, it will be available to all this September 30. My friend said that we can actually get it now! I saw that it looks like a personal web page, or a personal blog. Well, I blogged first before I  learned or …

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Apr 30

Extraordinary life

I am quite amazed with home automation systems. I only see it in movies before but then again, it is real! Imagine that, huh! Oh, for someone like me who wants everything to be automatic, that is really good news! That would surely be advantageous for busy people. I want to have a home automate …

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Feb 10


I really admire this friend of mine. She is so techy! She is in touched with the new world! She talks about the web, blogs, dedicated hosting, online business and the like. She even wants to pursue studying HTML scripts to make her own design and maybe be able to earn from it in the …

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