Tag: time management

Sep 15

When your body told you to stop

Yes, my body told me to stop. It is not that I am procrastinating once again but I am just tired. I pushed myself that hard and my overtime hours can tell. Still, I am behind schedule or maybe I just projected a time that is not realistic to reach. Anyways, it is a learning …

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Sep 08

Success in time management

I have been really pretty busy lately. I do not have time to do Facebooking, Twittering and even Blogging. I think it has been the longest that I have not updated this blog. Oh, since August 27, it was quite sometime. Yes, you can say that I have not really been successful yet in my …

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Apr 20

Early bird

Whew! Here at the office before 8AM while my shift starts at 930AM. Good thing though as surely I am not late today and moreso, I was able to blog hop and be updated with what is happening in the blogosphere. Oh, I was able to read some tweets too! Anyways, today is Friday! Have …

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Oct 12

Time bound

Am I getting addicted to time management? It is a good addiction, right? Anyways, I am getting more and more conscious of my time and I have to schedule everything. I am  progressing of getting an alarm clock and time all my tasks. Am I going crazy? My boss said that time is very important. …

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Oct 06

Crunch time

I think I don not really have the energy to think much as of this moment. It happens to every “writer”, I guess. Yes, feeling like a real artist, here, huh! But then again, what I am doing or what I have to do is not actually in any way, relates with art. I am …

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Sep 20

Inefficient Managers

Dirk Zeller wrote that there are two varieties of inefficient managers. To my surprise, as I read the summary of his book, Successful Time Management for Dummies, a workaholic manager is inefficient! The other variety of course, is the obvious lazy manager or the procrastinator. Well, why this struck me so much? I tend to …

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