When your body told you to stop

Yes, my body told me to stop. It is not that I am procrastinating once again but I am just tired. I pushed myself that hard and my overtime hours can tell. Still, I am behind schedule or maybe I just projected a time that is not realistic to reach. Anyways, it is a learning experience. From now on, I will really set a target that is at least 20% longer to give buffer to unexpected events.

Success in time management

I have been really pretty busy lately. I do not have time to do Facebooking, Twittering and even Blogging. I think it has been the longest that I have not updated this blog. Oh, since August 27, it was quite sometime. Yes, you can say that I have not really been successful yet in my time management. Well, it is hard to manage time really when other people also try to get your time.

Anyways, my Boss said that I just have to note everything down… that I must really try to do religiously. It is also tedious doing that especially that our nature of work involves multi tasking.

Early bird

Whew! Here at the office before 8AM while my shift starts at 930AM. Good thing though as surely I am not late today and moreso, I was able to blog hop and be updated with what is happening in the blogosphere. Oh, I was able to read some tweets too!

Anyways, today is Friday! Have a great TGIF!
Tomorrow, another Saturday!


Time bound

Am I getting addicted to time management? It is a good addiction, right? Anyways, I am getting more and more conscious of my time and I have to schedule everything. I am  progressing of getting an alarm clock and time all my tasks. Am I going crazy?

My boss said that time is very important. I agree. Time when lost you cannot bring back.


Crunch time

I think I don not really have the energy to think much as of this moment.
It happens to every “writer”, I guess.
Yes, feeling like a real artist, here, huh!
But then again, what I am doing or what I have to do is not actually in any way, relates with art.
I am a Business Analyst and my mood should not be of any excuse for me to do what I have to do.
Yes, I have to draft the Business Requirements document for cascade tomorrow cum technical discussion.
Maybe, I feel sleepy or do not have any inspiration because I really do not have to think in this one.
The requirements are straight forward and I do not have to challenge any process.
Or, is it really?
Any ways, I work best during crunch time.
Cramming, it is! I know that it is never advisable. To be prepared is still more preferable.
What can I do if my mind is dead?
Oh, well.. I guess, I just have to pretend or tell myself that right now is actually, “crunch time”.

Inefficient Managers

Dirk Zeller wrote that there are two varieties of inefficient managers. To my surprise, as I read the summary of his book, Successful Time Management for Dummies, a workaholic manager is inefficient! The other variety of course, is the obvious lazy manager or the procrastinator.

Well, why this struck me so much? I tend to be workaholic but maybe not yet to the real definition of the word. I am not really that addicted yet to working as I still know how to stop. There are still days that I feel lazy. There are actually days that I just watch my favorite TV shows all day and all night. I never leave the room except when nature calls or I feel hungry already.

Anyways, I know that there are something wrong with how I live my life if I am to base it in Dirk Zeller’s book. I have to manage my time more effectively so that I could reach my dreams and some form of success. No wonder, I am still where I am while my contemporaries are already somewhere else. Maybe, the key is time management.

As I look back, yes, there were points in my life that my world seemed stopped revolving or I just watched time passed by. There were attempts for me to resurrect myself but maybe it was not hard enough.

In the book, Zeller recommends that we should have time to evaluate ourselves at the end of the day even for 15 to 20 minutes. Then at the end of the week, a 90 to 120 minutes evaluation might be necessary.

I know it is not yet too late to start, huh! As long as there is life. As long as you still wake up in the morning. There is still hope.