when the lie becomes truth

they say that when you constantly lie there will come a time that you will think that you are not lying anymore but it is the truth already.

well, there are things that we do in life that we know is wrong but for no reason at all we just proceed doing it.

sins… we do sin everyday knowing that we will be forgiven?

are there really small sins that have no consequences?

or, are there sins that you think is a sin but actually is not and you are just being paranoid and is obsessing with it?

indeed, it is hard to be righteous all the time.

Never Give Up

My son is really surprising me all the time. You know, random things that I never expect him to say or do. Like for one, this desktop I am using right now. It belongs to him. One morning, I had some deadlines and my laptop’s keyboard was not working. I tried to open this Computer and to no avail. It is not opening! Well, I kept it sort of a secret as it will definitely ruin our morning.

Come weekend, I saw my husband trying to open this too. According to him, it is only our son who can open this. We let it go and just let it be. True enough, when our son woke up, he went straight to his computer. It was not opening. He did not rant nor became grumpy nor blame anybody for this. He just told us that it happens every time. I asked him what he does about it. He told me, the quote: Never Give Up! Huh? He told me that he just needs to try and try and never give up until this Computer opens.

Today, I tried opening this. After some tension and stress, it opened and I am now writing this post!

Never Give Up!!!!!

Physical and Mental Presence

Well, it is really nice to talk to people. You learn a thing or two all the time! Just like right now… we are attending a gathering initiated by our department and the call time is 130PM. It is almost past two PM and not fifty percent of the total population has arrived! What a sense of time! I am glad that I have here one of my co-workers to keep my sanity. According to him, he learned in College that you should be present an hour or before the call time so that you would be 100% present, mentally and physically! Wise thinking, right?

Do good and feel better

Sometimes, I feel that I am cruel. Sometimes, I feel that I am not nice. It is really hard to follow God, you know. He said, be holy, for I am holy. Oh, it is really difficult to do that! But you know, it is always a great feeling, right? When you do good, the feeling is even better.

The ones who follow the rules

Do you sometimes feel that those who do not follow the rules were even more successful or they get all the benefits? You know, they win, they are richer, they get all the goods! Sometimes, I really feel that the ones who follow the rules are always in the loosing ends. Is it following the rules or making a mistake or taking a risk or totally not following the rules at all?

Getting old

Do you fear aging? I do. I do not want to get old. Most of all, I do not want to get old alone and sickly. I have worked in a Home For The Aged and saw old people who suffers physically and emotionally. No one left to love them…

Prepare for old age, I always tell myself. Do not depend on anyone and be miserable. After all, while you are still young, you have all the chances to save and prepare for old age.

Not all about blood relations but love

I was able to watch, The Spy Next Door yesterday. It was a fun movie and very touching too. Well, it is about a family of four composed of a single Mom and three kids. Jackie Chan is the boy next door. The Mom and Jackie Chan fell in love with each other but then again complications happened when they learned that Jackie Chan is a spy. Anyways, one of my favorite lines was when Jackie told the eldest daughter that family means all the people you love and who loves you and not just about blood relations. He told her that he grew up in an orphanage but then again, it was okay because he has so many siblings and he loves them all.

Watch the Spy Next Door. Feel good movie. I love Jackie Chan!