A lot in a Sunday

After some house cleaning, cooking and washing the clothes, and eating lunch of course, I am now here at the comfort of my bed. It is summer time or is it the climate change that is causing the hight temperature thus my air-con is on…After some singing in acapella of some of my favorite songs namely; Love Takes Time, Miss You Like Crazy and Lost in Your Eyes, I decided to write this post. Oh, I did play some Candy Crush Soda and Paradise Cove too. After this post, I shall do some reading.. Now, who says that my weekends are boring? I think I have done A lot already and it is just 2 PM.

Ate kilos of Salmon

It has been a great week, I suppose. I wanted to lift it all UP TO GOD!
I started my Monday depressed from a sulking weekend! I mentioned in my previous post, the IT HEAD what I discovered. I already expected the outcome of that but then again, I sought God’s intervention. I would say the He listened to me as all of the issues were already resolved.

So, came Friday, our R n R day! Well, performers would be recognized and I was hoping to be recognized? Well, I just know that I perform to the best of my ability but I felt out of place and unwanted. Another bad feeling to welcome the weekend? Oh, I succeeded punishing myself.

Today is Saturday, Valentine’s day.
We went out for Lunch to eat kilos of Salmon! Literally!

Movie or shop?

Yey for Saturday! My son told me that he plans to watch Godzilla with his Dad. I asked him, how about me? He told me that I can join if I want to but according to his Dad, I will go shopping. Oh, they predicted already what I really intend to do, huh? Anyways, that is really great as I need to take a look at the Tissot watch that is currently on sale right now! I better grab one! It has been years since I bought a watch!

Busy day

It has been a real busy day. Well, because the past weekends had been the lazy ones including yesterday. Anyways, I woke up before 6AM to start the task I wanted to do three weekends ago. I washed the clothes and fix the closet. It’s been full of clutter in the bedroom too, though I have been sleeping here for the past seven days. Anyways, I finished the two household chores before 11AM. Yeah, around five hours? Come to think of it, working around the house would really take most of your time, huh! Anyways, after that, I took some rest and a nap was needed. I woke up around 1145 and I was all alone. I saw that the motorcycle was not at its parking space and my two boys were not anywhere inside the house too. But, they did not use their helmets. Oh, it means that they are just nearby. If they go far, they might be caught by the police patrol for not wearing helmets.

Anyways, it is already past noon. You might be thinking or might ask, what about lunch? Yeah, another thing that I must prepare…

Computer movies

Raining again. Oh, there is a typhoon actually. The trouble having a sattelite for good TV. Whenever it rains or clouds cover the line of sight, no signal, no TV! I think I must switch to cable one of these days? What do now in this bed weather Saturday morning? Well, as long as electric power is here, I might just watch the movies stored here in my computer.

Give myself a break

Will it already be a regular thing for me to wake up at 4AM? Well, that is good if I try to do productive things like doing the laundry or cleaning the kitchen, huh!

Anna, give yourself a break!

Well, I always tell that to myself. I already wrote before that I tend to push myself too hard or maybe I worry a lot. Sometimes, you might say that it is ironic. People see me as a positive person but I worry a lot? Well, yes, I worry but I know that God will provide. :)

Anyways, today is Saturday! Yes, I will give myself a break but after I finish my household tasks. 😉

Finish the list

This is one Friday that I am very excited about. Ummm, I mean, tomorrow is Friday and after that weekend once again! I actually have so many plans for the weekend and I hope that I can really finish the list:
1. Detoxification- Yes! I plan to. Not the real detox thing but maybe, a no rice day and no meat day! I am conscious about vegetable prices though thus I might just stick with fruits in season like apples and bananas. I shall try drinking my shakes too. I need to finish all of them before January 2012 when it is scheduled to expire! big grin

2. exercise Exercise- I mentioned that I have a treadmill? I purchased it almost 56 years ago and it still looks new. Maybe I used it for not more than 50 times, I guess.

3. House cleaning- well, hubby is almost done with the cleaning. I am tasked to clean the bedroom.

4. Prepare for another work week

5. Go to Sunday mass

6. Write

I only listed down 6 items. Before, that list can go up to more than ten but I ended up doing not even half of it. rolling eyes Let me see if I can finish the 6 items this weekend and do not end up TV all day!

Bye for now and TGIF!