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Jan 30

Not even a pound

Okay, I lost not even a pound after two days of somehow starving myself during the day. I eat at night though. Still no exercise. What to do now? Maybe, weighing myself everyday is really not a good idea. Oh, I should really make life changes. Okay, exercise should really a must and maybe, really …

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Jun 11

More than ten pounds in one week!

Yes, here am I once again talking about my diet. I stopped stepping on the weighing scale once again. Well, what for? I know that I weigh pretty much the same or even heavier than before when I was in that 170 plus pounds mark. What went wrong? Stress eating maybe… My husband and I …

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May 26

Back to Eight Pounds!

Back to Eight Pounds! Despite feeling bloated and heavily heavy(?), I braved myself into the weighing scale to see how much weight I gained in two weeks! Yes, I weiged around 163 lbs last May 11! So, I gained back the five pounds lost after one month of losing it, gained it back in two …

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May 11

Big Feat!

So, I paid P200. Lost 400PhP again in the biggest loser program! It is okay as I lost 5.7lbs! Well, I know that it will be hard to maintain though. Anyways, I would like to declare that I am 162.8 or 163lbs as of today. ..errr this morning, around 10AM as I have not taken …

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May 09

No Badminton Today!

No Badminton Today! Well, I woke up earlier than usual and prepared my sneakers and attire/outfit for the game. Anyways, it was decided that we will just play this Thursday. Anyways, I think I will donate P200 again to our Biggest loser game. As usual, I shall have the title of the loser. 🙁

May 05

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow! I was 165 lbs. Now 165.2 lbs. Hoping to be 160 lbs. The race is on! Yes, I shall start today the biggest weight loss in a crash diet! Crash it to max? I lost 200 bucks. Am I willing to pay another? Oh, expensive game! I will try to document …

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Apr 18


Well, I can already be a diet guru. I just do not know if my current weight will already convince you that I really am! 😉 Anyway, just click here to learn more! Anyways, yes, I continue on dieting and trying to lose weight. You can actually read my diet anecdotes here. 🙂 My progress …

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Apr 03

I closed my eyes

Remember my post about blinking? I totally closed my eyes. The pounds lost are back and I am carrying a heavy flab again at the middle part of my body. It is real hard to maintain weight loss. Yes, it is all up to me. I tried to go back to my 3 day diet …

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Mar 29

Filled mind, filled stomach

Information overload, calories overload. I am wearing my measurement pants right now and oh boy, it is tight. Yes, tomorrow, I will go back to dieting! Crash as it may be but I need it badly. After all the craving in chocolates and junkfood yesterday and meat eating for the past weeks! I wonder if …

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Feb 19

My top five reasons

I have this e-mail subscription about health and diet and it really motivates me, you know. Well, yes, I am not yet the right person to brag about anything because I have not succeeded yet but that is why I need something or someone to push me and motivate me. Today, the article is about …

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