Not even a pound

Okay, I lost not even a pound after two days of somehow starving myself during the day. I eat at night though. Still no exercise. What to do now? Maybe, weighing myself everyday is really not a good idea. Oh, I should really make life changes. Okay, exercise should really a must and maybe, really no rice?

I can do it. I must. It is for myself and for my family.

More than ten pounds in one week!

Yes, here am I once again talking about my diet. I stopped stepping on the weighing scale once again. Well, what for? I know that I weigh pretty much the same or even heavier than before when I was in that 170 plus pounds mark. What went wrong? Stress eating maybe…

My husband and I were joking about our situation the past two weeks. We were sort of really broke…well, crashed and crushed you may say. So, what we did, we ate all the good food. We told ourselves, “wala ka na ngang pera, gulay pa kinakain mo.” Haha! Transalation? You do not have money and you are eating vegetables? The more you will feel pity… of course we were just joking. My husband does not really like vegetables that much. Moreso, he said that the more that he will really feel down if he will not eat meat. So, we went for Chicken and Pork.

ย Then about my diet, he asked me or told me, “ang dami mong kinakain, akala ko ba diet ka?” Transalation: You are eating too much, I thought you are on a diet? I told him, “wala ka na ngang pera, gutom ka pa”. Haha! You do not have enough money and you are starving yourself to death? And so… I gained more than ten pounds in one week!

So, time to go back to the plan. My aim this June is 160 lbs. Can I still do it in less than three weeks? Wish me luck!

Back to Eight Pounds!

Back to Eight Pounds!
Despite feeling bloated and heavily heavy(?), I braved myself into the weighing scale to see how much weight I gained in two weeks! Yes, I weiged around 163 lbs last May 11! So, I gained back the five pounds lost after one month of losing it, gained it back in two weeks! Well, the usual excuses of eating because, because and because…

So, back to eight pounds, how to lose them?

I stopped my morning zumba routine- maybe bring it back?

I now eat more than three times a day with lots of rice and meat-back to tuna and starvation?

Okay, back to focus maybe? Try to live stress free? Oh, if only dieting and exercise be my stress relievers, then maybe then, I shall be back in my 140 lbs weight eight years ago!

Indeed, back to eight! My goal right now! Nah, not back to eight pounds again!

Big Feat!

So, I paid P200. Lost 400PhP again in the biggest loser program! It is okay as I lost 5.7lbs! Well, I know that it will be hard to maintain though. Anyways, I would like to declare that I am 162.8 or 163lbs as of today. ..errr this morning, around 10AM as I have not taken water since last night upto that time. Considering that I played badminton for almost 30 minutes and one hour of light aerobics, I did not drink water. So, yes, it could be water weight, the 2 lbs difference. I am actually still at 165lbs, I guess. So, ready to lose more money? Yes, I agreed again for the maintenance of that 163lbs! Well, my target weight is actually, 160lbs at least by the end of June. I wish to be 140 by the end of the year 2012. Big feat,huh!

No Badminton Today!

No Badminton Today! Well, I woke up earlier than usual and prepared my sneakers and attire/outfit for the game.

Anyways, it was decided that we will just play this Thursday. Anyways, I think I will donate P200 again to our Biggest loser game. As usual, I shall have the title of the loser. :(

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!
I was 165 lbs. Now 165.2 lbs. Hoping to be 160 lbs.
The race is on! Yes, I shall start today the biggest weight loss in a crash diet!
Crash it to max?
I lost 200 bucks. Am I willing to pay another? Oh, expensive game!
I will try to document each day until Tuesday. The weigh in will be on Wednesday!
Will I make it?
That is the goal!


Well, I can already be a diet guru. I just do not know if my current weight will already convince you that I really am! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, just click here to learn more!

Anyways, yes, I continue on dieting and trying to lose weight. You can actually read my diet anecdotes here. :) My progress so far? Well, maintaining that 160+ mark. I used to be 175 pounds or even heavier. I am currently at 167lbs. ๐Ÿ˜‰