Saturday is not a work day

Lord, Please help! That’s what I blurted out after talking to my boss. Well, who like working with a manager? Certainly not me. I just put inside my mind that we are just both employees with different roles and different salaries.

So, today is Saturday and I was asked to work? Oh no!

Well, I will still play Candy Crush saga and work later. After all, it is a Saturday! It is not a work day!


Sometimes, I feel that there is no equal distribution of workload in the office. Other people are more busy than the others. Well, maybe I should be thankful when I am very much loaded? Besides, I really do not know what the others are working on or how hard their jobs are. That is the difference of my present job from my previous one. In the latter, we have the same kind of work. Thus, it is very easy to tell who is not working or is loaded.

Where is my playfield?

No work during weekends for me. Family time? Nah..I just feal cheated? Am I cheating myself? How committed am I to my work? Sometimes, I feel that I work too hard and not fully compensated. Well, maybe others work faster than me because the work is easier for them? The reality of working in a field that is not actually yours? Where actually is my playfield?

Early bird

Whew! Here at the office before 8AM while my shift starts at 930AM. Good thing though as surely I am not late today and moreso, I was able to blog hop and be updated with what is happening in the blogosphere. Oh, I was able to read some tweets too!

Anyways, today is Friday! Have a great TGIF!
Tomorrow, another Saturday!


Get the faith back

I did pray last night for time to slow down. I guess I could not keep up with this agile world. I need to rebuild my strength. I need to regroup. I have tons of things to do and I am at lost. Oh, it is not me. What to do? I have to get focused again. I have to close my eyes then open it in one direction. I have to have that determination. I have to let go of other things.

One thing more, I have to get that faith back..

The stressing mouse

It was Friday yesterday! Everybody was excited for the weekend. The mood was light. Well we still had to finish some work even though it was already around five PM. Business as usual for the hardworking peeps!

I already have my service laptop. ALAS! I can now work while waiting for the late comers… or if the meeting I am attending does not have anything to do with me at all. 😉 It happens sometimes. Anyways, I am not really used to using the touch pad thus I asked my husband to buy a mouse. It was a cute one! Small pink mouse! However, it is somewhat defective as it will not function without a mouse pad. The roller is also not that user friendly. As my colleague told me, “nakaka-stress naman itong mouse mo”. Well, thank you. Beginning Monday, I shall use a new one!

Busy day

Oh, finally, I woke up, got up and here am I in front of this monitor and trying to scribble my thoughts. I have been into a lot of pressure lately. It is dawning on me. Yes, the pressure of the job. In my mind, I asked myself, am I giving up already? My friends have the impression that everything is easy here but it is not. Well, they have always seen me cool and smiling but No! Lately, it was my superior who noticed the sadness in my face. Well, he knows. He could relate, I am sure.

Anyways, today is another busy day for me! Not because that it is a Friday and time to go out like dine and maybe have some night cap with friends, but because it is a very busy day and I have to meet deadlines and all.

Complaining? Nah… I need this to recuperate!