Weekend should be quality time with the family

I am already sleepy but you know I still have many things to do. It is a weekend, a Sunday at that! Well, I have been late for almost everyday of the week last week because I had to iron the clothes that I will wear for that day. I will not let that happen again or should I say, I must not. Really, I need a maid! Weekend is supposed to be quality time but it only goes to doing household chores. :(

When your body told you to stop

Yes, my body told me to stop. It is not that I am procrastinating once again but I am just tired. I pushed myself that hard and my overtime hours can tell. Still, I am behind schedule or maybe I just projected a time that is not realistic to reach. Anyways, it is a learning experience. From now on, I will really set a target that is at least 20% longer to give buffer to unexpected events.

Success in time management

I have been really pretty busy lately. I do not have time to do Facebooking, Twittering and even Blogging. I think it has been the longest that I have not updated this blog. Oh, since August 27, it was quite sometime. Yes, you can say that I have not really been successful yet in my time management. Well, it is hard to manage time really when other people also try to get your time.

Anyways, my Boss said that I just have to note everything down… that I must really try to do religiously. It is also tedious doing that especially that our nature of work involves multi tasking.

I missed our team building

I did not attend our very first real team building. What are my reasons of not attending? My son got sick last week. The organizers were asking us to decide right away and I just told them that I will not attend because my son is sick. They accepted my decision. I know that they understand.

We carry his name

You all know that I have been writing about my diet in this blog. Oh, when was the last time that you have actually read a post about it here? I think it has been a long time, huh! Well, it translates to my body being big again as I do not talk much about it. I have not stepped into the weighing scale and I have been eating a lot! Diet pills that work fast might just be the one that I need. Well, one thing, I want an image change. I talked to my boss recently and even though he did not directly say it, he expects that his employees are at least presentable enough as we carry the name of his group or his name. 😉

I will miss you, please don’t go

When I transferred to the new group or department in our company, I really did not know what to expect. Well, I am not that young anymore nor a starter for me to feel insecure and all or have those jitters of landing a first job. True enough, I was able to adjust fast. It is just that, unlike before that I will immediately have a friend or a buddy, in my new job, not true anymore. Well, all is on a professional level, I guess. Oh, there is one person in the group who was my colleague before in the same department where I came from. In my present group right now, most of them have been together for more than five years thus they developed this bond and friendship already. All of them are nice people. It is just that, I really could not get in anymore because of age gap, different interests, and other things. I know though that in time, I will eventually blend in. Also, our superiors are planning to have this team building for us to jive and have fun. It is always busy at work also thus there is really no time to chat. 😉 Who do I go to lunch with? I am thankful that I have people to go lunch with like my friends in the previous team who happened to work inside the same building too. Somehow, it is a choice though. I know that my new team mates are welcoming. Also, since it is a busy world in the office, most of them eat lunch at their posts.

All in all, I am enjoying my present job. Somehow, I get to meet and interact with a lot of people. Oh, I have to mention that my partner and boss and manager are very supportive. More than my team mates, those that I actually interact with the most are the people in the project management. That is why, I am quite sad that one of them and in the future, two of them will be leaving the group. I told the two that they left us… Well, I would like to tell them, I will miss you, please don’t go…

Gaining my confidence back

I am ecstatic today! I actually feel good about how I performed in my post today! Enough of just observing and listening to what they have to say! Time for me to step up and show the real me! Okay, I am getting excited here!

As I have mentioned, I transferred and have a new job of sort. The real OJT or on the job training meaning doing the job with training by observing or going with the flow and lot of asking around… just this first week of January. Hey, it has been almost 1 1/2 months only! At my previous job, there is a NHIP thing or newly hired introductory period? It just means that you are excused for two months because it is not expected of you to do your best when you are just new! TWO months is enough for you to master everything!?!

I really have a lot to learn but I guess, I have to do it my way with a lot of research. If only, I could stay long hours in the office! Anyways, that should not be a hindrance at all! With the help of my FRIEND, who is the most INTELLIGENT and most POWERFUL person in the whole universe, I will be able to do it! Yes, I lift it up to GOD. There goes my morning prayer! :)

I have to go! It is 535AM and by this time, I should have taken my breakfast as I will leave house by 615AM. Have a great day, everyone!