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May 19

Deleting more than ten thousand messages

I need the help of techie friends or could i just consult google? Actually, it is the laptop that is not cooperating. Well, i searched for unread messages and it showed ten thousand then i tried to check all and delete all but no response at all! Now, I have to do it by 50s…that …

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Nov 17

Serious blogging

Write, write, write. Write more, read more, know more, share more. I am just thinking if I am doing any justice with this blog. Well, the title of this blog is Savouring Every Drop. I wanted to account every detail of my life? When I conceptualize this blog, I wanted to write about my diet …

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Oct 06

Crunch time

I think I don not really have the energy to think much as of this moment. It happens to every “writer”, I guess. Yes, feeling like a real artist, here, huh! But then again, what I am doing or what I have to do is not actually in any way, relates with art. I am …

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Sep 07

Two new addictions

What’s up with me? How is my diet? How is my career? What’s eating up my time? Well, I have a new addiction. Two, actually. One is a suspense TV show and one is another game in Facebook. Anyways, I know that I should stop in no time or else, I will just be the …

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Jul 24

My love for writing

How much I love writing?Can I say, as much as it loves me? I never thought that I can still realize this dream of mine… and even becomes my bread and butter, so to speak. I wanted to be a journalist before. Well, it rooted out from my love of poems, skits, composition, and basically …

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Jul 08

Busy day

Oh, finally, I woke up, got up and here am I in front of this monitor and trying to scribble my thoughts. I have been into a lot of pressure lately. It is dawning on me. Yes, the pressure of the job. In my mind, I asked myself, am I giving up already? My friends …

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Apr 16

Deny or tell the truth?

When you have told everyone about your blog, you seemed to be somehow inhibited to say all the things that you want to say especially if you do not trust some of your readers. Well, paranoia? You can always deny anyways that you were not the one who wrote that if ever… Well, it happened …

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Mar 26

Was it me?

Do you find it sometimes that you are in one blog and you thought that it was your blog? Why? Well, because you just saw what you have actually written or maybe some parts of it! Is that what they call Plagiarism? Well, to be honest, I do not want to judge anyone who might …

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Sep 19

Finally, Wi-Fi

Yes, I am on Wi-Fi right now. Well, we have a router but I do not know why we are not using it for quite some time now. Seriously, maybe because we only have the laptop ? Well, we lost our desktop in that dreaded flood. Anyways, I asked my husband to make the router …

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Sep 19

Could not concentrate

Haaayyyy… could not concentrate because I need to speak with my friend. She sent me a text message last night and she said that she has something to tell me. I was already asleep as early as 9PM just after eating dinner, thus I was not able to read her message. I called her an …

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