Deleting more than ten thousand messages

I need the help of techie friends or could i just consult google? Actually, it is the laptop that is not cooperating. Well, i searched for unread messages and it showed ten thousand then i tried to check all and delete all but no response at all! Now, I have to do it by 50s…that what happens when you do not do regular cleaning, huh!

Serious blogging

Write, write, write. Write more, read more, know more, share more.

I am just thinking if I am doing any justice with this blog. Well, the title of this blog is Savouring Every Drop. I wanted to account every detail of my life? When I conceptualize this blog, I wanted to write about my diet and my new job. But then again, I came up with the title, thus this blog became a window to my soul or what is presently happening in my life.

I just envy other blogs with just one topic or two topics. They are more fun to read and real informative. So, I thought, is it time now to just dedicate this blog to one aspect of my life? I am thinking about just writing about my work as a business analyst or my struggle with weight loss. Which is which? confused

Better yet, just come up with new blogs? I really do not know. One thing sure, that will be one of my goals. A blog that I can really be proud of.

Am I too serious? sigh

Crunch time

I think I don not really have the energy to think much as of this moment.
It happens to every “writer”, I guess.
Yes, feeling like a real artist, here, huh!
But then again, what I am doing or what I have to do is not actually in any way, relates with art.
I am a Business Analyst and my mood should not be of any excuse for me to do what I have to do.
Yes, I have to draft the Business Requirements document for cascade tomorrow cum technical discussion.
Maybe, I feel sleepy or do not have any inspiration because I really do not have to think in this one.
The requirements are straight forward and I do not have to challenge any process.
Or, is it really?
Any ways, I work best during crunch time.
Cramming, it is! I know that it is never advisable. To be prepared is still more preferable.
What can I do if my mind is dead?
Oh, well.. I guess, I just have to pretend or tell myself that right now is actually, “crunch time”.

Two new addictions

What’s up with me? How is my diet? How is my career? What’s eating up my time? Well, I have a new addiction. Two, actually. One is a suspense TV show and one is another game in Facebook. Anyways, I know that I should stop in no time or else, I will just be the one who will be affected.

Anyways, I tried to change my routine just for tonight. I washed some clothes before going here in front of my computer. Also, I am here at the desktop from the usual laptop until I feel sleepy.

Well, yes, some deadlines to finish.

My love for writing

How much I love writing?Can I say, as much as it loves me? I never thought that I can still realize this dream of mine… and even becomes my bread and butter, so to speak.

I wanted to be a journalist before. Well, it rooted out from my love of poems, skits, composition, and basically the English Subject. But then again, there is more to being a journalist than being just a writer. Maybe I did not have the right definition then. Thus, maybe it was not really for me. Besides that it is a quota course in prestigious universities.

I stopped writing…

Then, my good friend introduced blogging to me. My love affair with the pen came back. Much more, I learned that there is money in it.

Now, my work entails writing. Write day in and day out.

Do I still love writing? I do. I just hope that it still loves me too!

Busy day

Oh, finally, I woke up, got up and here am I in front of this monitor and trying to scribble my thoughts. I have been into a lot of pressure lately. It is dawning on me. Yes, the pressure of the job. In my mind, I asked myself, am I giving up already? My friends have the impression that everything is easy here but it is not. Well, they have always seen me cool and smiling but No! Lately, it was my superior who noticed the sadness in my face. Well, he knows. He could relate, I am sure.

Anyways, today is another busy day for me! Not because that it is a Friday and time to go out like dine and maybe have some night cap with friends, but because it is a very busy day and I have to meet deadlines and all.

Complaining? Nah… I need this to recuperate!

Deny or tell the truth?

When you have told everyone about your blog, you seemed to be somehow inhibited to say all the things that you want to say especially if you do not trust some of your readers. Well, paranoia? You can always deny anyways that you were not the one who wrote that if ever…

Well, it happened to me or sort. One of my colleagues asked me if I were the one who wrote the article that he found in the net. I was somehow flattered because the article was good and I could not write that well. Truthfully, I replied that I was not the one who wrote that. He said that maybe, I was just denying it. :) No, I did not really write that article.